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Cedric Kasongo


SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Lisa Fuller

Actors Choice Talent Agency

+1(225) 408-9857

P.O. Box 163, Denham Springs, LA 70727


5'11" / 180 cm :Height

180 lbs / 82 kg :Weight

Black :Hair

Brown :Eyes

Trained in multiple different acting techniques, Cedric Kasongo is a Congolese-American Actor, singer, and songwriter who has found success playing multiple featured roles in film projects with major production companies such as Netflix, Disney +, and Apple Studios. Some of the most recent roles have come with Emancipation, Starring Will Smith and directed by Antoine Fuqua. A basketball player in The Crossover series directed by George Tillman Jr. A high school football player in We Have a Ghost, Starring Anthony Mackie and directed by Christopher Landon.

A dedicated learner, Cedric has equipped himself with an impressively strong list of acting training and education. Cedric began acting Techniques training, studying the Meisner technique with Daniel DuPont, Classical Technique with Jerry Katz, and the Method acting technique with Jim Gleason. Cedric added audition techniques training, learning from multiple instructors such as Jim Gleason, Veleka Gray, and Amy Jo Berman. Next on the list is on-camera scene study training with Jim Gleason and Veleka Gray. Cedric also made sure to add cold reading techniques with Bruce Marchiano and Jim Gleason to his arsenal. Improv training with Veleka Gray has been just as instrumental to his success so far. His commercial acting training with Kurt Yue was crucial in landing principle roles on commercials with Optimum Nutrition and Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. Cedric had the opportunity to learn acting techniques and tips from actors such as Samuel L Jackson, Nathalie Portman, and Helen Mirren. That's in addition to voiceover training instructed by Nancy Cartwright.

In Emancipation, Cedric has the featured role of Jailcart slave. Along with Will Smith, Gilbert Owuor, and three other supporting actors, he was transported from a slavery plantation to a military slave camp through a jail cart. In the Crossover Cedric is a basketball player on the heroes team with Jalyn Emil Hall. On We have a Ghost, Cedric is a football player, along with other athletes, that often made fun of Jahi Winston for befriending a ghost. In the Queen of the South, Cedric is a bodyguard and henchman for the antagonist. On Sunday in America, Cedric is Kaleb, a drummer at the church who has a longtime crush on Hillary. On DL Inc. Cedric is a high school principal that settles a dispute between two students and their parents. On the commercial with Optimum Nutrition, Cedric is a jump roper that's exercising with Justin Jefferson in New Orleans. In a commercial with Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, Cedric is a nurse who can communicate and assist a deaf patient using sign language.

Cedric was born in DR Congo, at the age of 1, his family escaped Congo from a deadly conflict which resulted in over 5 million deaths in the country, a conflict which came to be known as the Great War of Africa. Like many families in a similar situation, they found refuge in Zambia. Cedric grew up in a refugees camp with other folks from neighboring countries, which allowed him to learn up to 12 languages. After arriving in the US in 2010, music was the first part of the American culture Cedric quickly got accustomed to. Also referred to by musical artist name, Flex3r, Cedric's hobbies include producing, writing, and recording songs, home designing (3D), web development, and financial investments. 

Cedric is a talented dancer with years of experience in Congolese dance routines, belly dancing, and dubstep, in addition to modern American hip-hop dance routines. While studying his undergraduate studies, Cedric learned how to cut hair starting with friends and family, but now he can swing hair clippers like a professional. Going back to high school, oblique drawing and painting are just two of the many artistic skills Cedric carries in his pocket. As a child, he picked up an interest in martial arts, learning kung fu with inspiration from some of his favorite actors such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Cedric has since continued his martial arts training at Zhuang’s Tai Chi & Kung Fu Academy in Baton Rouge. Asked what's next for him he replied, "I look forward to being the next black panther, that's a dream for some of us young African actors, that was only made possible by Chadwick Boseman. I look forward to playing roles and gaining skills that will lead me to this dream.

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